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Information and advice to better manage minor ailments after pregnancy.

Why contractions after birth?

After the baby has pointed the tip of his nose, think you can do with contractions? Oh no! It returns immediately to the expulsion of the placenta, uterus to facilitate compression of blood vessels and to the bleeding. After delivery, it takes two to three months back in the uterus to its original size, that of a tangerine, and the original position behind the pubic bone. It is said that the involute. Who? Hormones oxytocin and contractions of the trenches themselves. They continue for two to four days and are very painful for women who have given birth several times and lactating women. Paracetamol are prescribed an anti-inflammatory, or if you are ill.
Most familial In the days after delivery is the uterine edema and severe infiltrates: it always seems wonderful and ribbons, the suspension is still loose, pressed down, and press the dam. Where severity. In order to mitigate the dam are in the day. Why do you think our grandmothers was kept in bed for weeks?

Take a nap while the baby is lying on the couch when you visit ... The first time, it is preferable to extend themselves better than sitting!

My scar is still sensitive epistolary after giving birth!
You can be sensitive and tugs for one to two weeks after delivery. This is also the entirety of the peritoneal area is weakened. Hoyle tissue is formed some swelling. It is often recommended for young mothers to sit on a buoy, to relieve pain. This is not a good idea. Since it is based on nothing, and extends from the scar, the result of increasing the pain.
Sit cross-legged with more familial. He pulled too? Sit mast (one leg in front of you and the other bent).

One of the points (or more) of epistolary is particularly difficult ...
It may be too narrow. Looking in the mirror, I see the point that had "disappeared" so swollen tissues.
Take three Famili Arnica montana pellets and / or Staphysagria 9 CH twice a day. Massage the scar with a diluted mixture of essential oils (1 drop + 1 drop helichrysum jara) in a tablespoon of almond oil or hazelnut.

Take sitz baths: 1/2 teaspoon of witch hazel or tincture of calendula for a bowl of water. 5 minutes several times a day. After urinating, with cold water mist (cool), all traces of urine irritate could wash removed.
The point was also able to infect (which is rare). If it is red, you will see a midwife or a gynecologist.

My cesarean section, I have a stomach ache
Motherhood in the days after birth is the pain because of the trenches. These contractions are curious about the second birth and beyond. Its function is to constrict the blood vessels in order to "clean" the uterus and to restore its original size. They are painful after a c-section and day three and four. However, if the pain does not end when they return home, they can have other causes.

-You are bloated with gas and air that gets inside the abdomen during surgery. The belly is too sensitive! You probably constipation ... The three pellets Famili 5 CH Raphanus sativus tid.

- The uterus weighed lower than usual. Do not worry, this is normal, but sometimes cause a feeling of heaviness. Most companies Famili acetaminophen (end if you are breastfeeding). See an osteopath. Breathing exercises help the uterus in place. Balance after each birth, the pool, a consultation with a specialist is advantageous. If you feel any improvement after two or three weeks, you seek the advice of your gynecologist.

Why am I bleeding after birth?
Contractions also work for the removal of blood clots and uterine blood vessels. Blood loss, lochia take up to three weeks. During the first 48 hours, are the most common rules and red. They dry slowly and a red-brown before. No more? Lost! Around the twelfth day in the "small" result showed. Fun word in the sense that the bleeding started again for 48 hours! This is part of the healing process of the uterus.
Most Famili first three days, particularly with thick protective disposable reports night and convenient elastic mesh. Avoid wearing tight pants or tight pants at the waist, pushing the uterus to the perineum.

An attack of hemorrhoids after birth, it is possible?
20% of women suffer after the baby is born, especially in the first six weeks after childbirth.

If it was traumatic, so we had tweezers to use swollen veins in the anus and was at the time of expulsion. Ask your pharmacist, there are ways to mitigate. And go without further delay the pain you see your doctor, you name one proctologist.

Help, I have a big belly after birth
Normally you just put a child into the world, and the pounds gained during pregnancy is not lost everything overnight. Not to mention that your uterus is hard and swollen as ... and abdominal muscles no longer plays the usual case. Hence the importance of "tummy" is. It takes several weeks for the uterus finds its place.
Most Famili stay longer. Inhale. Lie on your back with knees bent, with a pillow under your head (chin on chest). Exhale slowly and completely. If the field is empty, close the mouth and pinch your nose. Draw your belly for a few seconds and, if you like the uterus rises in the chest. Open ribs. Do this exercise three or four times. The use of the lap belt.

What is milk?
Breasts begin to thick yellow fluid rich in antibodies and pregnancy, secrete colostrum.

This is the first food of the newborn through breast feeding. It occurred just two to four days after the birth of the milk flow. Prolactin and oxytocin hormones are at work! Colostrum is a milk white liquid. Breasts swell and harden, the veins expand visible. All this is accompanied by a feeling of warmth in the breast, and sometimes a slight increase in body temperature. Wear a bra with wide straps, supports and maintains good breasts without compression. To maintain, if necessary, over night. You do not want to breastfeed? The maternity team is the first day of bromocriptine (Parlodel ® in most cases), a drug that inhibits the secretion of prolactin and "cut" the milk flow. The dosage is two tablets a day for 15 to 20 days. Sachezle, leading to nausea and mild disease often. Another drug, Dostinex ®, both from. If by contradiction display consider homeopathy.
Most familial If milk is very painful, silent nothing better for your baby again and again to empty your breasts. Take hot showers, massage your breasts to extend shafts and ducts of milk, apply warm compresses ...

What is my baby after birth?
Ovulate very early times, which is fertile again much faster than you think.

This is the first food of the newborn through breast feeding. It occurred just two to four days after the birth of the milk flow. Prolactin and oxytocin hormones are at work! Colostrum is a milk white liquid. Breasts swell and harden, the veins expand visible. All this is accompanied by a feeling of warmth in the breast, and sometimes a slight increase in body temperature. Wear a bra with wide straps, supports and maintains good breasts without compression. To maintain, if necessary, over night. You do not want to breastfeed? The maternity team is the first day of bromocriptine (Parlodel ® in most cases), a drug that inhibits the secretion of prolactin and "cut" the milk flow. The dosage is two tablets a day for 15 to 20 days. Sachezle, leading to nausea and mild disease often. Another drug, Dostinex ®, both from. If by contradiction display consider homeopathy.
Most familial If milk is very painful, silent nothing better for your baby again and again to empty your breasts. Take hot showers, massage your breasts to extend shafts and ducts of milk, apply warm compresses ...

What is my baby after birth?
Ovulate very early times, which is fertile again much faster than you think.

Therefore faster than its control. You pill?
If you are nursing, prescribed a microprogestative. Ideal after birth, as it is with breast-feeding and not increase the risk of phlebitis. It must be taken within 10 to 20 days after delivery. Corinne Antoine, a clinical psychologist, author of The Psychology internal revolution of pregnancy and motherhood, Cambridge.
If you are not breastfeeding, you have the choice between a pill or microprogestative estrogen and progestin (as early as three weeks after birth). An implant can be placed on the following days, while an IUD birth to two or three months later. And can not be repeated often enough, breastfeeding is not a reliable method of contraception. This implies that it is unique, not more than six hours between feedings, the baby suckles more effi cient among the three six ... Anyway, if you spend too risky for mixed feeding soon!
The decision for most familial emergency contraception if you have unprotected sex. Two pills are available without prescription Levonelle taken within 72 hours after intercourse, knowing that maximum efficiency is noon. If you are breast feeding was a recipe for eight hours, it suspended due within 5 days after intercourse must.

And stop breastfeeding for 36 hours. Think also of local contraception (condoms and spermicides).

At the time the rules after the birth?
Twenty days after birth, the estrogen hormone system begins slowly and gradually and progesterone secretion. Difficult-to-date rules recurrence (menstruation). This varies from woman to woman.
If you are not breastfeeding, was prolactin, the hormone of lactation locked (because you did not Parlodel ® and / or the baby is breastfed). The ovarian function is restored very quickly. In theory, ovulation occurs 40 days after the birth, and the return of menstruation after six to eight weeks. In practice it is sometimes faster!
If you are breast feeding stimulates prolactin usually keep their ovaries alone in the prevention of estrogen secretion. Normally, you should wait until the end of breastfeeding for the rules again. But again, nothing is fixed! It all depends on how breastfeeding (exclusive or not), ... the rhythm, interval between shots and mother. In fact, prolactin vary from woman to woman. So if the wait menstruation during breastfeeding, to the other end of the lactation.

The deadline is two ... Eleven months after the birth!
Back famili more layers is a standard PMS ahead: breast tenderness, tension in the belly ... Bleeding is more common than in the rules "normal" longer, sometimes over a week. If you take the pill, it will be shorter.

It hurts when I pee, is related to a birth?
Burns, abdominal pain, and always wants to go to the bathroom ... You certainly have a urinary tract infection. After birth, in fact, is a high risk period. Why? Because a full bladder (pregnancy hormones have relaxed the muscles, including those of the bladder) is difficult to empty completely. Result: bacteria accumulate in the stagnant urine. Use of a probe during labor and may also irritate the urethra (the tube which carries urine) to compress through the passage of the baby. Not to mention that you are tired and your immune system are raplapla!
Famili drink a lot, even if it hurts. Add water a little lemon juice or apple cider vinegar has an antiseptic effect.

I am constipation since birth
You feel heavy ... Normally, if you do not go to the toilet every day. The lack of progesterone.

This hormone slows intestinal transit during pregnancy and remain in the body for a few weeks after birth. Furthermore, intestinal highly compressed on the size of the uterus and can not return to their original position. This is not working! Prescribed anesthetic and sedative, if you have had a cesarean section, did not help. In addition, if you take the toilet - simply because we fear bad points of episiotomy and crack -. Often congested
Complete famili other beverages from water, at least one and a half liters per day. The hard, dry stools and make the problem worse! Also note that women often constipated child: to produce milk, a large part of the water is used in the body. Avoid laxatives improve not prefer the sound of the intestines its psyllium mucilage (which holds water and increase stool volume). Two teaspoons with a glass of water before you go to bed. Put your menu items to promote transit, such as vegetables (raw or cooked), fruits (fresh or dried) and bread.

How long can my weight during pregnancy?
It takes nine months to make a baby, and "undo" adage. This means that you do not lose your extra pounds by magic!

It takes time. Do not put the plan before menstruation or late lactation. First, because the lactation hormone protactinium in your body, even if you are not breastfeeding, reduces weight gain. Then, because it takes energy to produce milk "is". Do not deprive yourself, but to eat food category in reasonable quantities. You will immediately see the weight loss foods low: vegetables, fish, dairy products ... and cooking: steam sheet in the oven and grill.
Most famili be accompanied by a nutritionist if necessary. It is best to get rid of their extra pounds this year, because if not removed, can be saved and added to. The kg of a new pregnancy Playing sports - after peritoneal rehabilitation - can help. Before, a quick walk down the stairs instead of the elevator ... Take it easy, do not feel heaviness in the perineum.

Back pain after baby is the logic?
Weight gain, hormonal impregnation of relaxation and stretching of the ligaments during childbirth put back to the test! Not to add, be careful with your baby. To lift one foot before the other and bend your knees.

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How to prevent diabetes during pregnancy

Mothers can prevent diabetes in your children if you exclusively breastfeed for the first six months of life, and when a diet low in fat and maintain rich in nutrients, properties of cereals, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, lean protein low-salt foods and exercise.

Called endocrine metabolism Goodlife Health Program promotes diabetic diet as a way to prevent gestational diabetes, a disease that is usually late in pregnancy.

Dr. Loyda Gaffaro de Valera, national program coordinator, said that controlled patients that are offered through diet and exercise routines. If you need medication, insulin is used in tablet form have components that are harmful to the baby.

Gaffaro stressed the importance of measures to prevent and control the disease in the population, as there are people who are infected without knowing it.

Type I diabetes occurs when the pancreas loses its ability to produce insulin, so it is an essential and irreplaceable injectable treatment that component.
What is gestational diabetes?

Pregnant women who have never had diabetes have shown that high blood sugar (glucose) levels recorded in your state, such as gestational diabetes.

This type of diabetes occurs when the body is not able to make, and all it needs insulin for pregnancy. Without enough insulin, glucose can not be separated from the blood and converts it into energy. Glucose builds up in the blood to high levels. This is known as hyperglycemia.

Gestational diabetes occurs when the mother in late pregnancy, after the birth of the body is fully formed, but still growing. For this reason, gestational diabetes generally cause birth defects, such as observed in mothers with diabetes before pregnancy.

Excess fat can macrosomia, or a baby cause "fat." Babies with macrosomia health problems, including the face, shoulder injury at birth.

Because of the extra insulin made by the pancreas of the newborn may have low blood sugar and are at increased risk of complications in breathing. Babies with excess insulin children are at risk for obesity and adults at risk of developing type 2 diabetes ...


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Pregnant women, improving their well-being through reflexology

Pregnant and many things upside down, backwards, his life changed. Your emotions are multiplied and want to find a quiet place and rest well, we know that pregnant women are not fully ...

You can live a harmonious pregnancy safe for your child.

Reflexology is to find the solution for this too.

Reflexology is based on Chinese medicine is to help pregnant women in the first nine months of pregnancy. And, yes you can reflexology begin in the third month of pregnancy.

how to help a pregnant woman in the treatment of nausea and digestive problems.

Later, in the following months to relieve aching muscles and finally at the end of pregnancy, preparing the body of a woman during childbirth.

The technology will be used for pregnant women, especially reflexology.

Gentle pressure massage practiced foot pressure to certain points of the various organs of the human body.

Organs such as the spleen or liver are asked to facilitate drainage.

The stress is present in pregnant women and be able to be there reflexology is to relieve stress and anxiety related to the particular birth.
Deep relaxation and well-being suffer.
A session lasts about 45 minutes.

Finally, reflexology help women after pregnancy to manage emotions and create a harmonious silhouette.

This technique is so soft and supple, it is recommended by many maternity hospitals. Therefore, a genuine interest in how to help a pregnant woman with reflexology.

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Pregnancy and obesity

Pregnancy and obesity

The effects of lack of food, is particularly common in carbohydrates and saturated fats (fast food) which triggers a growing prevalence of overweight and obesity. No doubt, the food industry is increasingly directed, so that people cheaper food exactly prefer the dominance of carbohydrates in the diet of most people.

Nutrition in adults is usually determined by the ratio between the height and weight (body mass index: BMI) assessed, but no mention of the current nutritional status, because of the size of this term also implies large supply of nutrients, dietary vitamins, minerals and trace elements of some may be of crucial importance and high physiological and metabolic, as the concentration of iron and hemoglobin can be easily found, are populations with a low hemoglobin level and obese. Therefore, nutrition is always well defined term health of people, their amplitude is not only the receipt of a proper body mass index, but also the provision of other micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) is committed on the health factors a person's metabolism.

Obesity is a term associated with the significant increase in BMI. BMI increased excess product is deposited on the cell fatty acid triglycerides, it is important how and why they are made to recognize, including triglycerides.

In the diet of male type all thicknesses are crushed, in order to give the process of digestion in the intestine as monosaccharides, in particular in the form of glucose. Glucose in the circulation, whereby transient hyperglycemia. Because insulin by the pancreas, which secretes the entry of glucose into the cell Introduced into the cell, glucose is again immediately (the osmotic effect lose) phosphorylates and glucose-6 - phosphate to the glycolytic pathway, to locate the body in order to generate energy (in the form of ATP). This energy, which is dominated by the activities of each person, and remember that people need Kcal 2200 days on average use 50% of this energy for basal metabolism and the remaining 50% are for daily activities.

If caloric intake is excessive, then there is a damming of the metabolites of glycolysis, leading to the formation of triglycerides. To the formation of two products requires glycerol triglycerides -3 - fatty acids and phosphate. Glycerol -3 - phosphate metabolite glycolysis glyceraldehyde is -3 - phosphate addition, because dietary calories was already above aldehyde and alcohol, and can not with saturated fatty acids, which are the ones that produce bind triglycerides.

Normally, glyceraldehyde-3 - phosphate catalyst should go ahead and in pyruvate to produce what then acetyl-CoA formed in the Krebs cycle, NADH + H and FADH2 then enter a series of nucleotides transportation dora electronics (also called oxidative phosphorylation) to water and energy (ATP). Therefore, the excess energy is provided (excess carbohydrates in the diet), involves the enrichment of glyceraldehyde -3 - phosphate and subsequent conversion to glycerol -3 - phosphate, which requires the presence of saturated fatty acids to synthesize triglycerides.

Fatty acids in turn may be a product of dietary fatty acids and / or product in the synthesis in the cell. When they are in the diet (in the form of fatty acids or in the form of triglycerides, fatty acids are broken in order to be included in the bloodstream) is introduced, then we can synthesize triglycerides. But they are not allowed on the diet, the body can not produce itself when excess glucose in the feed reaches and enters the Krebs pyruvate, stops and allows the accumulation of metabolites citrate leaves the mitochondria and is acetyl CoA and oxaloacetate in the cytoplasm . Metabolite is the source of the organism to synthesize fatty acids. Phosphoenolpyruvate to oxaloacetate trips on which a further increase Glcierol -3 - phosphate.

From the foregoing discussion, it is concluded that no entry required in the diet of fatty acids to form triglycerides as excess carbs only a surplus of glycerol -3 - the synthesis of fatty acids and phosphate. Triglycerides are formed by plasma transferred (bound to a carrier protein: chylomicrons) and deposited in cells called adipocytes.

We can conclude that overweight and obesity are the result of excess ingested carbohydrates (sometimes fatty acids) that cause a greater weight and weight for height, which leads to a more than 24 (overweight), BMI, and if there is more than 28 (obese).

Weight gain during pregnancy: usually a pregnant woman with a BMI = 20 to win, should be 12 kg, 3.5 kg of fat cells (30% of the total weight gain), which serves as an energy reserve for lactation, gestational diabetes Post this step a higher energy than a pregnancy. If the patient is breastfeeding her newborn at least for a period of six months, completely lost fat weight remaining battery capacity during pregnancy and recovered before it can be even lower.

If the patient has more weight gain before pregnancy, less weight, which is obtained their previous weight should.

Obese patients, pregnancy, prenatal care should be strictly in restricting carbohydrates in the diet, as these patients should be less (based on BMI) and should have as the patient and contains triglycerides before pregnancy and therefore reduces weight gain. If the patient has no control over their gestational weight gain increases the risk of complications of obesity (diabetes, polyhydramnios, macrosomia, etc.)

The patient developed overweight and obesity during pregnancy is due to the high consumption of carbohydrates. The excess food energy available, behaves similarly to non-pregnant women. Glycerin is an oversupply -3 - phosphate and citrate via the Krebs cycle, the supply of cytoplasmic acetyl-CoA, the same for the synthesis of saturated fatty acids son that binds with glycerol -3 - phosphate, which leads to an increased synthesis of triglycerides.

Undoubtedly, this complication is the responsibility of the treating physician performs prenatal care, such as preventive check does not evaluate changes in maternal weight and give the restriction of carbohydrates to avoid overweight or obese.

In general, patients with complications of obesity are almost similar for both the mother and the unborn child associated and / or newborns. If the mother before pregnancy fat can be esterified with fatty acids and cholesterol, and therefore, there is a deposition of atheromatous plaques in the vascular endothelium. (5, 6) if it is present, even if hypertension and pregnancy is insufficient production of nitric oxide, which is essential for the physiological vasodilation pregnancy and therefore blood flow to the placenta and fetus will be lower, to changes in fetal growth was. In these cases there is an increased risk of high blood pressure, and a 17% increase in the likelihood of developing gestational diabetes and 90% lead to macrosomia. There is also the risk of preterm delivery (7) In these patients, the treatment only preventive and prenatal care is a rigorous process, especially in the diet and the oil level is weight gain.

In the case of a pregnant woman develops obesity or overweight during pregnancy complications are the same as described above, the patient, but in general, atherosclerosis, and is thus less likely to develop chronic hypertension, although there is an increased risk of pre-eclampsia.

There is also an increased risk for the development of excessive consumption of carbohydrates macrosomia maternal hyperglycaemia lead terms, which produce more fetal insulinismo and thus the synthesis of fetal cells into larger cells occur due to moisture cell eventually producing high weight fetus, but not necessarily an larger number of cells. Since the uncontrolled increase in fetal weight bears the risk of premature birth, because expansion uterus.

In both cases, the patient has a high risk of macrosomia with neonatal hypoglycemia, and certainly follow Caesarean section and maternal tissue healing certainly more difficult, due to excess fat, which makes infections more easily rolled.

Nutritional aspects in humans are crucial for the analysis of metabolic perspective. Excess carbohydrates triglyceride storage includes change in BMI. If the mother of these conditions (either before or during pregnancy), you have a severe prenatal diet (carbohydrates), and the risk increases with conditions such as chronic hypertension, preeclampsia, preterm delivery, macrosomia and polyhydramnios, and a higher prevalence of wound infections by Caesarean section.

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labor easier

I remember in over 6 years with my first child. If I water broke 11 days before he could not remember a thing other than "select a point on the wall" and breathe.

But there is more you can do to get the job go a little smoother. Recently I spoke with the hope of Garland, a subsidiary of Bradley instructor, www.blossombirth.net, which recommends the following tips as a surprise. Therefore, if you print out weeks or days away from labor and delivery, do not panic, simply (or favorites on your smartphone), it is so that you can refer to when working.

First Pack it in the protein: if they were about to run a marathon in length, eats only ice cubes? No, you have to eat a meal high in protein. It will work to give you energy (and, many hospitals do not eat as soon as the disk anyway). Make a plan to maintain or something in the fridge / freezer / cupboard or know where they go their food marathon.

Second Do not fight against gravity: standing as long as possible. Walking or sitting, but not lying on his back. (Yes, I'm really in the picture before I learned that you should go.)

Third Stay hydrated: pack (and use) a bottle of water. When properly hydrated during labor, increase your energy levels up to 30%. Also, if you keep drinking, you may not need to really get an IV restrict their mobility. That's when the ice chips and clear liquids may also help.

4th Breathe with the abdomen: normal abdominal breathing increases relaxation, what you really need. Chest and breathing problems, you can fool your body into stress mode, and do not want to know that

5th Take a virtual calm: you must be relaxed. Physically, mentally and emotionally. If music can take a pre-installed on your iPod playlist, find a focal point in the room and breathing. Banish negative energy whenever possible. Although they are not easy, stay as relaxed as possible through the contractions - not to mention let your body do what he has done.

6th Move during the birth: There are a variety of positions for the job. Try the position, so that there is a place for long. Talk to the nurse about how it can be controlled and still move. Wear slippers or socks for hospitals adhere well, so you can remove in the hallways.

7th Make sure the support and encouragement of love: Ask your partner's husband or partner skilled birth attendant can take to make a big difference. This support is more for you than doing lots of drugs!

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pregnant Moods

You always have mood swings during pregnancy is very stressful and having some trouble with a lot of time - in this article have a good recommendation for great stress relief during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a stressful time and are broken, many couples in a constant struggle, and often find themselves in situations they never expected. The new situation is, of course, life as a result of changes in the body of a woman. Some people naively believe that change a woman's body during pregnancy is only the physical body, if her swollen belly and growing every day. Well, mistakenly thought it relies devastating. The reason for the error that is destructive, because there are many couples who are his enemies, just because they are aware of the new situation, where they are. New situation is strongly influenced by mood uncontrollable woman.

To grow in the event of an uncontrollable impulses?
So uncontrollable impulses from one source and essential hormones women, hormones crazy and radical change responsible for the behavior of a woman. Almost no woman has no control over their mood and she goes and she was always nervous at any time during your pregnancy.
What are you doing? What will solve the problem? We must first understand one basic thing, which frankly says that women are not responsible for the mood. Output only from the perspective of the silent woman and man's ability to carry a pregnancy. The measures should be nervous just before the incident, the following must also adjust to summarize what you can to a situation in which the nerves and cause no explosion limit.
Tips for a good massage every night, it is definitely a board can go directly to the mood of pregnant women. Ability to adapt to change size during this period.
The Council of the action on two occasions, and Hweitit example, to be photographed together, pregnancy photography have now more fashionable to take this opportunity to work with a night or relax in the morning without cameras and Maori before the cameras, you know after Indeed, was photographed from the heart and can burn you with a smile this environment will remain together until birth.

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cancellation of the cervix

In the last weeks of pregnancy, the body of a pregnant woman begins her physical preparation for childbirth. The first signs of labor are effacement and dilation of major changes occur in the neck and work together to help the baby come uteru safely and without problems of its parent company

What is the cancellation of the cervix?

If a woman is not pregnant, and for more than one pregnancy, so her neck is long and thick. In actual measurements, a normal cervix is ​​not very long, only 5.3 cm (1.2 ") long. Prepared in the last weeks of pregnancy, the fundus of the uterus for the baby to pass is getting shorter and thinner. This process is called extinction. As the cervix is ​​becoming increasingly blurred, the more it will be "arrested" seems to get shorter and the time part of the lower uterus (uterine cervix seems to disappear almost). loss is also sometimes referred to as "maturation" or "thinning" .

As the deadline moves, the baby's head goes down and the uterus begins to contract, combined with obliteration and dilatation, and pressure can cause pain and cramping. Women, especially those with their first pregnancy, you might think, this means that they go to work, but these "false labor" or Braxton Hicks contractions are the first signs that the process began. It takes will be completely erased in several weeks for the cervix. (If a woman has her first child, your cervix will be removed before it in subsequent pregnancies, the cervix can expand only expands, then delete it.)

In the last weeks of pregnancy, your doctor will investigate, and report on the cervix can these changes. Obliteration of the cervix is ​​measured as a percentage - for example, is deleted no change 0% if the cervix is ​​half its normal thickness, which is 50% disabled. If the cervix is ​​100%, which is completely free, so that only the free opening at the bottom of the womb the child.

Preparing for Baby: Expansion

Since the cervix is ​​thinner and disappears, but also begins to stretch and open. This is called dilation. This expansion and openness makes it easier for the child's head and the rest of the body through the uterus into the vagina to pass for the delivery.

The degree of expansion is measured in centimeters. For most of her pregnancy, the cervix is ​​zero inches, closed and not extended, hold the baby in a safe and growing. During active labor market policy, your doctor will measure the degree of expansion by inserting a gloved finger into the vagina. Sometimes, the expansion also refers to "finger", based on manual checking, for example, "it is expanded with two fingers." A finger is about one centimeter, but it is a subjective, because the fingers varies, especially between men and women of the examiners.

Work progress is measured by the progression of cervical dilatation of the pregnant woman. Generally felt that the cervix extend to one centimeter per hour of work, but it can not be generalized to all women and pregnancies. 0-4 centimeters dilated than premature birth, and it is not unusual for a woman up to 2 centimeters dilated weeks before the birth. 4-7 centimeters dilation occurs during active labor market policy. 7.10 inches, the phase transition (change of the active phase of labor, the last delivery), and if the cervix is ​​10 centimeters (about the size of a newborn head) is dilated as is ready to give birth.
In the last weeks of pregnancy, the body of a pregnant woman begins her physical preparation for childbirth. The first signs of labor are effacement and dilation of major changes occur in the neck and work together for the baby to arrive safely and stress-free womb.